How to Install a Grant Steering Wheels

Grant steering wheels and other grant  Products  has been a distinguished figure in the automotive industry for over half a century. Founded in 1922, Grant steering wheels have become synonymous with quality and performance. They cater to a wide array of vehicles, including classic cars, hot rods, and contemporary automobiles. Grant’s commitment to excellence and innovation has cemented their reputation amongst enthusiasts and professional drivers alike. Their steering wheels are not merely accessories but rather integral components that enhance the driving experience, combining aesthetic appeal with functional ergonomics. The enduring legacy of Grant in the realm of aftermarket automotive customization is a testament to their unwavering dedication to driving comfort and vehicle control.

Ergonomic Design:

Comfort and Control at Your Fingertips

When installing a Grant GT steering wheel, the enhancements in ergonomics are immediately noticeable. This steering wheel is crafted to fit comfortably in the driver’s hands, reducing fatigue and improving grip during extended periods behind the wheel. The design focuses on:

  • Natural hand placement: The contours align with the natural resting positions of the driver’s hands, ensuring minimal strain.
  • Improved steering control: With a better grip, the driver experiences precise control over the vehicle, essential for both safety and performance.
  • Tactile materials: High-quality materials not only increase comfort but also provide a non-slip surface for a secure hold.
  • Custom adjustments: The ability to fine-tune the steering wheel position caters to an individual’s preferences, maximizing the ergonomic benefits.

The result is a driving experience where comfort and control are seamlessly integrated, offering both an aesthetic and functional upgrade to the vehicle.

Customization Options:

Personalizing Your Driving Experience

When installing a Grant GT Steering Wheel, drivers have an array of personalization options to tailor their driving experience. They can:

  • Select from various wheel designs to match the car’s interior and driver’s style.
  • Choose different materials, such as leather, wood, or suede, for a customized grip and aesthetic.
  • Decide on the wheel diameter to suit their comfort level and improve vehicle handling.
  • Opt for additional accessories like custom horn buttons or steering wheel covers for a unique touch.
  • Consider the wheel’s stitching color and texture to complement the overall look of the car’s interior.

Each customization choice enhances the connection between driver and vehicle, creating a driving experience that feels both personal and empowering.

Durability and Quality Construction:

An Investment That Lasts

When upgrading your vehicle with a Grant GT steering wheel, you’re not just enhancing the driving experience; you’re investing in lasting quality. Constructed with high-grade materials to withstand the rigors of daily use, a Grant GT wheel ensures:

  • Robustness: Utilization of premium components resists wear and tear.
  • Stitching: Meticulous craftsmanship assures a tight, secure stitch pattern.
  • Finish: Advanced coating techniques offer protection against fading and scratches.
  • Core Strength: Solid steel or aluminum frames provide foundational integrity.

Such quality construction translates to durability, meaning that a Grant GT steering wheel is a long-term enhancement to your vehicle’s interior and functionality.

Safety Features:

When upgrading to a Grant GT steering wheel, safety is paramount. These automotive enhancements come with features that not only refine your vehicle’s aesthetic but also reinforce driver security:

  • Solid Construction: A robust framework resists impact, safeguarding the driver during unforeseen events.
  • Better Grip: Enhanced grip design reduces slipping, providing better control in critical situations.
  • Steering Precision: A more responsive steering experience reduces driver fatigue and improves vehicle handling.
  • Horn Functionality: Integral to driver alert systems, a fully operational horn ensures communication with other road users.
  • Airbag Compatibility: Select models accommodate existing airbag systems, preserving this vital safety feature.

Each element is meticulously integrated to augment the driving experience while prioritizing the welfare of occupants.

Grant Steering Wheel

Resale Value and Aesthetic Appeal:

Boosting Your Vehicle’s Marketability

When upgrading your vehicle with a custom steering wheel like the Grant GT, you’re not just enhancing your driving experience but also potentially increasing the resale value of your ride. A well-chosen steering wheel can:

  • Add a unique, personalized touch that stands out to prospective buyers.
  • Signal that the vehicle is well-maintained and cared for by an enthusiast.

Such upgrades catch the eye, showcasing a vehicle’s style and owner’s attention to detail. It’s a practical investment for those looking to sell in a competitive market, giving an edge in both aesthetic appeal and perceived value.

Compatibility and Versatility:

When customizing a ride with a Grant GT steering wheel, ensuring a proper fit is paramount. Grant offers a vast selection of steering wheels suitable for various makes and models, guaranteeing compatibility. The key to versatility lies in:

  • Assessing the Hub Adaptor: Vehicles require specific hub adapters. Grant provides a comprehensive hub adaptor guide to match the right product with the vehicle.
  • Universal Designs: Some Grant GT wheels are designed to be universally compatible, making them a flexible option for enthusiasts with unique or uncommon vehicles.
  • Customization Options: Multiple styles, from classic to contemporary, as well as material choices like wood or leather, ensure there’s a Grant GT wheel for every taste and interior.

Properly assessing the vehicle’s requirements and the array of available Grant GT steering wheels ensures a perfect fit and a custom look.

The Enthusist Community:

When you install a Grant GT steering wheel, you’re not just upgrading your vehicle’s interior. You are becoming part of a community steeped in motorsport history. Enthusiasts around the globe revere the Grant GT brand for its commitment to quality and performance. By choosing this iconic accessory, you:

  • Bridge the gap between everyday drivers and seasoned racers
  • Engage with a legacy of precision engineering and design
  • Share your passion with a diverse group of like-minded individuals

Installation is more than a personal achievement; it’s a rite of passage into a tradition of excellence enjoyed by motorsport fans through generations.

Installation and Maintenance:

Installing a Grant GT steering wheel is a straightforward process that enhances your vehicle’s aesthetics and driving experience. Here is a streamlined guide to fitting your new steering wheel:

  1. Disconnect the Battery: Ensure safety by disconnecting the vehicle’s battery to prevent any electrical shocks or shorts.
  2. Remove the Old Steering Wheel: Loosen the screws or bolts that hold the existing steering wheel in place. Pull it gently from the steering column.
  3. Assemble the Installation Kit: Follow the Grant GT steering wheel instructions to assemble the installation kit, which usually includes a hub adapter specific to your vehicle model.
  4. Attach the New Steering Wheel: Affix the new steering wheel onto the hub adapter, ensuring all connections are secure and tight.
  5. Reconnect Electrical Components: If your steering wheel includes buttons or controls, reconnect any wiring harnesses to restore functionality.
  6. Test Before Use: Reconnect the battery and test the steering wheel controls to ensure everything is in working order.

For maintenance, regularly clean the steering wheel with suitable products and inspect for wear. This will keep your Grant GT steering wheel looking and functioning at its best.

Comparative Analysis:

When considering a Grant GT steering wheel installation, one must evaluate how Grant stands against other popular brands like Momo, Nardi, or Sparco. Grant steering wheels are often praised for their affordability and variety, catering to a wide range of vehicles and personal styles. Unlike some high-end alternatives, Grant offers both classic and modern designs at more accessible price points. However, other brands might boast superior materials or craftsmanship that appeal to enthusiasts seeking a more luxurious or performance-oriented experience. Compatibility with existing vehicle systems and ease of installation are also factors where differences may emerge between Grant and its competitors.

Customer Service and Support:

Installing an aftermarket steering wheel like the Grant GT can dramatically enhance your driving experience. Yet, it’s crucial to know that support is on hand if challenges arise during installation or use. Quality retailers provide:

  • Detailed installation guides or videos to help you navigate the setup process.
  • A dedicated customer service hotline for direct assistance with any inquiries.
  • A generous return policy and warranty to ensure your investment is protected.
  • Access to a network of professional installers, in case you prefer expert installation.
  • Online forums or community support for shared experiences and troubleshooting tips.

By leveraging these resources, you can enjoy your custom steering wheel with confidence and peace of mind.

Final Thoughts:

Opting for a Grant steering wheel is an exceptional decision for numerous reasons. Not only does it enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle with its sophisticated designs, but it also provides great tactile feedback and improved control, enriching the driving experience. Dexterous drivers recognize the value of a robust grip and responsive steering which Grant steering wheels offer, thereby improving overall vehicle performance. In addition, the personalized touch a Grant wheel lends to the interior cannot be overstated—it reflects the driver’s style and commitment to their ride’s uniqueness. Overall, a Grant steering wheel embodies a blend of form, function, and customization, making it a top-tier choice for discerning vehicle enthusiasts.


Can I install a Grant GT steering wheel on any vehicle?
Most vehicles can accept a Grant GT steering wheel with the correct installation kit and adapter.
Do I need special tools for installation?
Basic tools such as screwdrivers, a socket set, and a steering wheel puller are typically required.
Is it safe to install a steering wheel by myself?
If properly equipped and knowledgeable, one can install a steering wheel; however, it’s advised to consult a professional for safety concerns.
Will changing my steering wheel affect the vehicle's airbag system?
Yes, replacing the steering wheel often involves disabling the airbag, which should be done with caution and expertise.
Can I retain the use of horn and radio controls with a new steering wheel?
This depends on the compatibility of the new steering wheel with the vehicle’s existing systems. Special adapter kits may be necessary.

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